Does PAL have an application form that is distinct from the forms proved by Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy?


How do I decide which of the three PAL departments is right for me?

Your choice of a home department should depend on your background, your research interests, and your intended career path. The various track requirements are described on the following web pages:

You should also explore department web pages and individual faculty web pages to get a sense of the types of research that are carried out in each department. The question as to who might guide the kind of thesis research you would like to do should be central to your graduate school decisions.

Does a thesis advisor have to be in the same department as the student?

There are PAL students who are not in the same department as their advisors. But these students must meet the academic requirements of their own department and must write a doctoral thesis that meets the expectations of their own department. For example, a PAL student in Mathematical Sciences whose thesis advisor is in Philosophy must complete mathematical research that meets the standards of mathematicians even if there is also a philosophical component of the thesis. Similarly for other combinations of departments.

May I apply to more than one PAL department?

Yes. In that case, each department will consider your application independently.

What about funding?

Each department makes funding decisions for its own students. An offer of admission is normally accompanied by an offer of support that is sufficient to cover education costs and living expenses in Pittsburgh.

I still have questions. Whom may I contact?

Each department has a logic faculty member who is available to discuss graduate admissions. They are: